A fabulous week skiing and snowboarding was enjoyed by all as we returned once again this Year to the Austrian resort of St Michael.

Spolit by “the best snow in 25Years” and blue sky skiing, all of the group made fantastic progress. Off piste students enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Thomas and his family, whilst evenings were occupied by range of activities including swimming, bowling, an ice hockey match and the impressive Obertaurn Ski Show.

Check out the Ski 2018 album on flickr!

Well done to Scott Sciara who led out the England Team at Twickenham in their recent international against Wales!

Recently launched games club for Years 7 and 8 has opened at lunchtime to provide a safe space for younger students to go to play board and card games.

Supported by inclusion staff it has been very popular, especially during the colder, wetter months!

Some of the comments made by students attending:

“It’s a great way to make friends and see what games you have in common.”

“It helps you make friends and meet new people.”

“It’s fun way to spend lunchtime.”

“Enjoy coming here to play games and meet my friends.”

“You have somewhere to go when you’re bored.”

“Nice play to come if you’re upset and don’t know what to do.”

“I make friends here!”

“I love the variety of games.”

“I’m learning to play chess.”

“We all rush to get the Uno cards….”

The football academy are looking to build on last Year’s success of taking the league title. The squad have started the season well only losing one game.

They currently sit second in their respective league with two games in hand on the team that sit top. Shckelqim Sadiku, a player in last Year’s squad, is currently out in Denmark on trial at Rinkkjobing FC looking to gain a professional contract. Necati Gench, a current squad member, has signed for Ware FC first team and his looking to establish himself in the squad

The English Teaching and Learning Area are delighted to announce the launch of the Accelerated Reader scheme from Ren Learning (a computer-based program that monitors reading practice and progress).

Each Year 7 student initially completed an online Star Reader Test to determine their individual reading level. Upon completion of the test, each student was then assigned to a specific range of books. The book range is unique in that they challenge each individual student based on his/her ability.

We recommend that students spend at least 30 minutes per day reading their books independently. Once a book has been completed, students should logon to a school computer and complete an online quiz to test their learning and comprehension (ideally 24 hours after finished reading the book).

As students develop with their reading, subsequent testing will take place on a termly basis to ensure progress is made/monitored. The more students read, the more awards they will be entitled to, including a “Millionaire’s Club” for students who read over one million words.

We hope this programme will encourage your child to develop a love of reading.

Representing THFC, St Marys School students took on this Year’s 2017/2018 premier league challenge.

Rebekah, Grace, Frank, Ben and Lavita took on this challenge this Year’s challenge to “Diversify your clubs fan base”. To tackle this challenge they came up with the “THFC Tott Fest” where fans would hold a festival that recognised diversity, culture and local talent. The students showcased their idea at Wembley Stadium competing with many other schools.

Our students show cased their talent and wowed the judges with their performance.