Five SMHS students have just spent five days on a special course aimed at providing them with experience of a range of life skills and ideas for career pathways. The Passing Out Parade took place on Friday 18th January 2019 at Cheshunt Fire station in front of an audience of parents/carers and other emergency service officers. St Mary’s staff members, Mr Wollaston and Mrs Gunning were also present at the parade and came back full of praise for how well the boys had represented both themselves and St Mary’s.  All the boys who completed the week long HFRS Life Course achieved all of the course and their personal goals.

 The Fire Officer who oversaw the running of the course could not talk more highly of the boys and their achievements. 

Congratulations to Divine, Isaac, David, Kayton & Aaron who worked so hard to complete the course, learn new skills and show real determination to be successful! Maybe the Fire Service is worth serious consideration as a future career…?


Thirty nine students have achieved the most amazing set of LAMDA results yet – all passed their exams with either Merit or Distinction grades! The students, from Year 7 through to Year 13, have been studying for their exams as part of their extracurricular activity programme at St Mary’s and were examined in either ‘Acting’ or ‘Speaking in Public’.

Twenty five students took the ‘Acting’ exams ranging from Grade 4 up to Grade 7. Thirteen of the students gained a pass with Merit and eleven got pass with Distinction. The six students who took Grade 6 and Grade 7 exams also achieved UCAS points that will count in any application they make for university in the future.

Fourteen students took ‘Speaking in Public’ exams ranging from Level 1 Grade 3 to Level 3 Grade 6. Four students achieved pass with Merit and ten students achieved pass with Distinction. Of the eight students who took Level 3 Grade 6 exams, four achieved pass with Merit and four achieved pass with Distinction and all got Bronze Medals.

These achievements really support personal development and students who have participated in LAMDA classes have not only really grown in their confidence to speak in public, but also in class and when making presentations related to their work. Any student interested in being part of the LAMDA classes, need to see Mrs Crawford or Miss King.

Congratulations to all students involved on these excellent achievements – we look forward to your next set of results!!

Parents/carers can find a copy of all letters that are sent out by the school during the summer term 2019 below:

Induction Week Letter 2019

WEX Early contact letter Feb 2020

Year 8 Paris Trip March 2020

Summer 2019 Exam Timetable V6 02.04.19


Letters sent out in the spring term 2019 are listed below:

Y6 PC letter 22 March 2019

NCELP Letter (Yr 8 & 9) March 19

Yr 8 & 9 Parent/Carer Letter re NCELP March 2019

Yr 9 DTP & Men ACWY Vaccinations Feb 19

Year 8 Revision Booklet 2018/2019

‘Beyond the Gates’ Anti Social Behaviour Information Evening Flier

Invite Letter ‘Beyond the Gates’ Anti Social Behaviour Awareness Evening 4th March 2019

PC Newsletter 5 Spring Term 2019

18Dec18 Letter B4L & Detentions

Yr 12 & 13 Revision Guide 2018/2019

The spring term 2019 starts on Tuesday 8th January 2019

The spring term starts with a normal week with students finishing lessons at 3.05/4.05pm. There will be some small adjustments to the timetable to accommodate some student grouping and staffing changes.

This is a busy term for public examination preparation and year groups have the following exams scheduled:

  • Year 12/13 Public Exams & practice public exams: Tuesday 8th January – Tuesday 22nd January 2019
  • Year 9 practice for public exams: Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January 2019
  • Year 8 practice for public exams: Thursday 7th February – Thursday 14th February 2019

It is important that all students revise thoroughly for practice exams and that revision continues throughout the school year. The amount of information and subject material that needs to be learnt for each course cannot be ‘crammed’ or learned in a short period. In addition, the skills required to be successful in public examinations cannot be learned quickly but need to be practised repeatedly.

There are a large number of websites and books, that can be used to support good revision and preparation for examinations. More information can be found in the examination preparation booklets that are provided to each students (and parent/carers). Parents/carers are asked to use these information booklets with their children to support learning.