The English Teaching and Learning Area are delighted to announce the launch of the Accelerated Reader scheme from Ren Learning (a computer-based program that monitors reading practice and progress).

Each Year 7 student initially completed an online Star Reader Test to determine their individual reading level. Upon completion of the test, each student was then assigned to a specific range of books. The book range is unique in that they challenge each individual student based on his/her ability.

We recommend that students spend at least 30 minutes per day reading their books independently. Once a book has been completed, students should logon to a school computer and complete an online quiz to test their learning and comprehension (ideally 24 hours after finished reading the book).

As students develop with their reading, subsequent testing will take place on a termly basis to ensure progress is made/monitored. The more students read, the more awards they will be entitled to, including a “Millionaire’s Club” for students who read over one million words.

We hope this programme will encourage your child to develop a love of reading.