Significant Change Application 2018/19

This Significant Change application relates to an increase in the capacity of the Academy. There are two proposals linked to the Significant Change application.

Proposal 1: The Academy is proposing a significant change to the number of students on roll in the Funding Agreement from 877 to 1400.

Proposal 2: The physical capacity of the school will be expanded by eight classrooms to complete the planned 8FE school building and provide capacity for 1400 students (Yrs 7 – 11 1200 plus a sixth form of 200 students). The total capacity of the school needs to be 1400 (or 8FE).

Local full, public consultation took place between Monday 5th December and Monday 3rd December 2018. All local schools, Herts Local Authority and adjoining local authorities, (Enfield, Essex, Haringey), Broxbourne Borough Council, The Diocese of St Albans, Governors, parents/carers and staff of the school were included in the consultation. All stakeholder groups were sent copies of the consultation documentation and the online consultation by email. The option of requesting a hard copy of the consultation documents was offered to all stakeholders as was the opportunity for any stakeholder to request more information or an appointment to speak to a member of the Governing Body about the proposed Significant Change application. Two Open Consultation Events were organised between 11.30am – 3pm on Wednesday 21st November 2018 and between 4.30 – 6pm on Tuesday 27th November 2018. These events were timed to provide opportunities for anyone who might be constrained by childcare, work arrangements or other reasons, to be able to attend.

This is the second full consultation undertaken, the first being in spring 2018, when a significant change application was submitted linked to a CIF bid for 2018. This original consultation was completed under guidance of DfE Officers, Will Reay and Rosemary Palmer.

Significant Change Consultation 2018/19 Feedback

There were 104 respondents to the consultation. All responses were made online.

Proposal 1: (To increase the number in the Funding Agreement to 1400): 103 responses of which 78% (80) strongly agreed or tended to agree and 9% (9) strongly disagreed with the proposal. There was at least one respondent in each of the consulted groups with the most represented group being staff of the school (59%) and parents/carers (18%).

Proposal 2: (To provide an additional eight classrooms): 104 responses of which 84% (87) strongly agreed/tended to agree with the proposal and 4% (4) strongly disagreed with the proposal.

There were 38 comments in response to proposal 1 and they mainly focused on concerns about the increasing challenges of accommodating current student numbers safely whilst preserving a high quality learning environment and performance standards as student numbers increase further.

There were 16 comments in response to proposal 2. The majority of comments raised concerns about the ability of the school to manage the 8FE roll on the current site for which 8FE accommodation had been planned. More negative comments linked overcrowding to incidents of poor behaviour.

The governors have been provided with access to, and are mindful of, all responses made to the consultation. The responses were considered by the Governing Body at their meeting in December 2018. A full methodology statement is available on request.

A copy of the governors response to comments raising concern can be seen by clicking on the document below.

Governors feedback summary to comments Jan 2019