The spring term 2019 starts on Tuesday 8th January 2019

The spring term starts with a normal week with students finishing lessons at 3.05/4.05pm. There will be some small adjustments to the timetable to accommodate some student grouping and staffing changes.

This is a busy term for public examination preparation and year groups have the following exams scheduled:

  • Year 12/13 Public Exams & practice public exams: Tuesday 8th January – Tuesday 22nd January 2019
  • Year 9 practice for public exams: Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January 2019
  • Year 8 practice for public exams: Thursday 7th February – Thursday 14th February 2019

It is important that all students revise thoroughly for practice exams and that revision continues throughout the school year. The amount of information and subject material that needs to be learnt for each course cannot be ‘crammed’ or learned in a short period. In addition, the skills required to be successful in public examinations cannot be learned quickly but need to be practised repeatedly.

There are a large number of websites and books, that can be used to support good revision and preparation for examinations. More information can be found in the examination preparation booklets that are provided to each students (and parent/carers). Parents/carers are asked to use these information booklets with their children to support learning.