Festival of Learning with Primary Schools

 St Mary’s Hosts an Inspiring Day of Myths and Legends for Year 5 Students

This week, St Mary’s was delighted to host an exciting and inspiring day of teaching and learning focused on myths and legends for the Year 5 students from Dewhurst St Mary and Holy Trinity CE Primary schools. This special event marked the end of our Annual Programme of Festivals of Learning, designed to inspire young minds across a variety of subject areas. Early arrivals from Holy Trinity were treated to a Brazilian-inspired carnival drum session, based on the use of syllables and short sentences to notate musical language. Joined then by Year 5 from Dewhurst, their day was packed with enriching activities, with students participating in four engaging sessions. They explored the art of crafting new sentence structures and vivid descriptions of myths, enhancing their creative writing skills. Additionally, students had the opportunity to broaden their linguistic horizons by learning new words and phrases in both Spanish and French, delving into the legends of different cultures.

The enthusiasm and excitement were palpable as students immersed themselves in the world of myths and legends. Their enthusiasm was matched by the dedication of the inspiring teachers and supervising staff from both schools, who ensured the day ran smoothly and successfully.

As we reflect on the success of this year’s programme, we eagerly anticipate next year’s programme of festivals. We are particularly excited about the upcoming CSAW group production in December 2024 – celebrating the nativity story, which will be a significant collaboration between the schools in our local community.