During ‘World Wellbeing Week,’ held from June 24th to 28th, St Mary’s welcomed a popular visit from Godfrey, the Therapy Dog.

Godfrey and his owner, Pam, volunteer for Therapy Dogs Nationwide, a national charity where volunteers bring their own dogs to various establishments to provide comfort, distraction, and stimulation. These volunteers have the unique privilege of working with their temperament-tested therapy dogs. Studies have extensively documented the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapies, which include improvements in general health and wellbeing, increased confidence levels, and enhanced communication skills. Therapy Dogs Nationwide is becoming increasingly involved in stress-relief and general wellbeing initiatives within large corporations through one-off visits.

The charity boasts 2,000 dogs, and Godfrey has been selected as one of four Hero Dogs sponsored by Bella & Duke dog food manufacturers. You can follow his activities and see his face on Bella & Duke’s media pages (other dog food brands are available), showcasing that St Mary’s aren’t the only ones that recognise how special he is!