Following a very successful ‘Feeling Good Week’ in February, 20 students volunteered to become St Mary’s first Wellbeing Ambassadors.

The ‘Head Smart’ training, is a peer-led wellbeing ambassador programme, it delivers a training programme and resources to develop Wellbeing Ambassadors in schools. Ambassadors are able to help other students to think about their own mental health and the practical things they can do to promote positive wellbeing.

A Wellbeing Ambassador promotes wellbeing in school through education, activities, events and whole school communication, based on the 5 ways to wellbeing, students learn to 1 -connect with others, 2 – be active, 3 – learn something new, 4 – take notice and 5 – give.

The Ambassadors first events were during Mental Health Awareness Week, 15th to 19th May. They helped organise and run various activities during breaks and lunches available to all students, all intended to improve personal wellbeing and support positive mental health. Activities included learning how to draw Anime, board games, origami, clay modelling, friendship bracelets, paper chains, cake decorating and so much more.

The Ambassadors were amazing and the event was enjoyed by all who took part.