Enterprise Week at St Mary’s

To celebrate Enterprise Week and to promote business, enterprise and workplace skills we ran multiple events to ensure that every student in the school could participate.

Years 7, 9, 10, 11 and sixth form competed in a ‘hint of Christmas’ quiz where they had to watch short exerts of 20 different businesses Christmas adverts. Each form competed against the other forms in their year and it was spectacular to see some great participation from the forms and especially year 11’s who identified 16 of the correct businesses.

Year 8 students completed a full day’s workplace skills workshop with Enable Hertfordshire which is run by an ex-student from St Mary’s. The day involved students understanding key roles and leadership in a business and then each of them taking on responsibilities within their teams. Teams were then challenged to create their own music company where they had to write a new song and create the marketing material including posters and merchandise from products that were available via trading with other teams although supply and demand limited what there was available. Each team then showed off their presenting skills showing their professionalism and some even sang their new song they created demonstrating their skills and confidence. The days closed with an awards ceremony and feedback on the great work the students completed. The enthusiasm, creativity and business minded thought processes shown were excellent, well done Year 8.

Year 10 Business Studies students welcomed Paul Daniel, the Health, Safety and Environmental Manager from Warburtons who delivered a great talk about Warburton’s as a business including how it is owned and managed. The students participated very well and they had plenty of relevant questions to ask which they did very well using key business vocabulary. Having speakers from different businesses come and speak to our students is always fantastic as it helps them to see what they are learning in practice and to gain more insight by being able to ask questions. If you are a business owner or a manager in a business that would be able to come into St Mary’s to speak about your business please do contact Kristine Johnson Kristine.Johnson@st-maryshigh.herts.sch.uk