Year 7 Students Shine in Tesco Employability Skills Workshop

Excitement filled the air as Year 7 students took part in an inspiring Tesco employability skills workshop. This unique opportunity allowed our students to step into the shoes of professionals and gain a deeper understanding of the world of work. The challenge? To work in teams to design a brand-new breakfast meal deal.

In this engaging workshop, students were assigned key roles within their teams. Each team had a Project Manager to oversee the entire process and a Product Developer responsible for creating innovative meal ideas. This division of labour mirrored real-world job roles and helped students appreciate the importance of collaboration and individual responsibility.

The Project Managers learned valuable leadership skills, such as time management, delegation, and effective communication.

Meanwhile, the Product Developers tapped into their creativity to design appealing and nutritious breakfast meal deals. They had to consider factors such as taste, health benefits, and market appeal and making sure both the food and packaging was sustainable. This role encouraged them to think critically and innovatively, skills that are highly prized in the workplace.

After a morning of brainstorming and collaboration, the teams prepared to present their breakfast meal deals to the rest of the year group. This was a chance for all students to develop their presentation skills, another crucial employability trait. Standing in front of their peers, they confidently shared their ideas, showcasing their hard work and creativity.

The presentations were met with applause and admiration from both students and staff. Ultimately, two teams emerged victorious, impressing the judges with their innovative and well-thought-out meal deals, as well as how they worked in a team. These winning teams were awarded Tesco vouchers as a token of their success, which they can use to further explore healthy eating options.

This workshop was more than just a fun activity; it was a stepping stone towards building vital employability skills. By working in teams, taking on specific roles, and presenting their work, the students learned the importance of teamwork, leadership, creativity, and public speaking. These skills are not only essential for their future careers but also for their overall personal development.

We are incredibly proud of our Year 7 students for their enthusiasm, hard work, and creativity during the Tesco employability skills workshop. Their ability to step up to the challenge and deliver impressive results is a testament to their potential. We look forward to seeing them apply these skills in their future and continue to grow as confident and capable individuals.

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the winning teams. Here’s to many more opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed!