Young Enterprise Awards evening

Our two Young Enterprise teams attended the final event last night (30 April) at the University of Hertfordshire.

At the event they set up their stalls which both looked very professional and during the afternoon they managed to continue to sell their products to university students and staff.

Both teams were interviewed by 4 judges where they had to show their stalls, explain their business and provide answers to questions such as what promotions did you do? Why this product? What was your profit margins? They all spoke eloquently and provided thorough responses to every question, and they confidently showed their products and the adverts they had made.

During the evening both teams had to select 5 students to deliver a presentation (4 to speak and 1 to use the clicker to change slides). All the students were very nervous about this and we even had a couple of tears before one presentation. However, each team went up at the front of a large lecture theatre, with an audience of 250 people, and they delivered professional, informative and engaging presentations.

During the final awards both teams won a Participation trophy for their achievement to get into the final, attendance at the final and delivery of presentations. In addition, Embrace team won the runner-up of the Logo Competition and ReCorked Charm won the Best Innovation Award.

During the whole event all of our students represented themselves and our school fantastically, and I am overwhelmingly proud of all the team members.

Well done to Jada, Ogo, Kayleigh, Chisom, Andria, Melissa, Khyar, Olivia, Alara, Zilan, Alex, Stepans, Eray, Jerina, Ercan, Andreas, Nikki, Koray, Joshua, Ozan

Photos to follow

Ms Johnson