On Thursday 2nd February, our year 9 mathematicians took part in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge.

This national challenge consists of 25 maths problems which test students’ logical thinking, ability to problem solve, and extension of understanding to the mathematical ideas they cover in their maths lessons.

In year 9, we had joint “best in year” with an identical score of 50. Jason and Rafael were awarded a bronze award and were just 5 points away from Silver!

Well done to all those that participated! For anyone who would like to take part next year, the UKMT website has a comprehensive collection of past papers which can be used for practice. These challenges are meant to be fun, and are meant to push you out of your comfort zone, so they are an excellent resource for students who enjoy a challenge.

Students enjoyed a very successful ski trip to Austria.

The majority of students had never skied before and by the end of the week were conquering red slopes from the top of the mountain. We were very pleased with the resilience students showed. In the evenings they enjoyed a variety of activities including visiting a sky walkway on the Dachstein UNESCO world heritage site at just under 3000m. It was an excellent trip all round and we are already looking forward to Ski-2025!

This half-term we took 22 students to Kings College, University of London for their Graduation from the Scholars Programme.

During the programme the students from Years 8 and 10 have worked with a University Tutor in weekly tutorials to extend their learning beyond the core curriculum. At the end of the programme completed an extended essay on a philosophical question. Students performed exceptionally well, with several students receiving a 1st in their Final Assignment.

During the visit to Kings College they had a talk from current students about their journey from secondary school to studying Medicine at University. Students also had an opportunity to tour Guy’s Campus, hearing about the history of the Campus and what it is like to study at University.

At the end of the trip the students’ had their graduation ceremony which allowed them to celebrate their graduation with students’ from other schools across the country.


Our Year 7 students competed in an interhouse maths competition known as a “Relay Race” this half term. Competitors competed to complete maths puzzles as quickly, and accurately as possible.

There was tight competition for 2nd place with only three points difference between 2nd and 4th place, however Franklin house dominated the challenge with an amazing 31 points. For perspective, the winning team in 2022 scored 17 points.

Huge congratulations to Eva and Ellie from Franklin house for the incredible win. All competitors enjoyed the event and represented their house and school with distinction and valour!

Rank Score Team Captain
1 31 7F1/2 Eva , Ellie
2 16 7K1 Rahman , Joshua , Katie
3 15 7T2 Imisi, Frankie, Natasha
4 13 7S1 Kai , Jakub
5 5 7S2 Tejal , Luke
6 1 7T1 Matthew , Andrew

The art department are incredibly proud of their Year 7 artists, who have been developing their art elements this term, focusing on drawing skills and colour theory. Additionally researching artists such as Bisa Butler, Claude Monet and Leonardo Da Vinci. Here is some of Ruby’ beautiful artwork.

Congratulations to the Athletics team who competed in the Indoor District Athletic Championships.

There were winning performances from Krishtian in 60m, Kemal in 300m, Jessie in 800m and an excellent overall 3rd place finish for the Y7 boys team.

Well done to all the athletes who were a credit to the school.

Just before Christmas we promoted the ‘Young Writers’ competition titled, Integer.

Students were asked to write a short story based on or around numbers and do so in exactly 100 words. It may sound easy but it takes good writing skills to construct a story in such a small word count. Stories were submitted online and, having now received word from the organisers, I am delighted to tell you that eighteen of our students’ stories have been selected for publication! Once permission has been granted by parent/carers their stories will appear in book format which is a compilation of all winning entries.

All winners are given the opportunity to buy their own copy to keep at home but a copy will also be available in the LRC for all students to view. Winners came from years 7- 10 and we are enormously proud of their achievement. Please join me in congratulating the following students: Kai, Igor, Aleyna , Zain, Taylan, Tuana, Natasha (all Year 7), Gabriella (Year 8), Elisa, Antreas, Eliana, Joseph, Arda, Zam, Stephanie, Ria (all Year 9), Natasha and Sarah (Year 10).

Congratulations to the Y7 girls football team who competed in the District 6-A-Side tournament at Hailey Turnford.

There were 8 schools from the borough competing and St Mary’s finished 4th after being beat on penalties in the 3rd/4th play off.

The girls competed against some experienced teams and were a credit to St Mary’s with their determination and high standard of play.

The team only conceded 1 goal in open play in the group and play off matches, well done to all the players: Eva, Rihana, Ayse, Frankie, Shamaila, Adriana & Naz.

New regulations known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that provide clear standards for the way in which personal and sensitive data is collected, stored and processed, came into force from 25th May 2018. The governors of St Mary’s have published new and reviewed policies that explain how the School complies with the new regulations. These policies can be found on the policies page.

Copies of new Privacy Notices have been emailed home for parents/carers and students. Any feedback or questions about the new policies can be sent to admin@st-maryshigh.herts.sch.uk