Year 7 Interhouse Competition

Our Year 7 students competed in an interhouse maths competition known as a “Relay Race” this half term. Competitors competed to complete maths puzzles as quickly, and accurately as possible.

There was tight competition for 2nd place with only three points difference between 2nd and 4th place, however Franklin house dominated the challenge with an amazing 31 points. For perspective, the winning team in 2022 scored 17 points.

Huge congratulations to Eva and Ellie from Franklin house for the incredible win. All competitors enjoyed the event and represented their house and school with distinction and valour!

Rank Score Team Captain
1 31 7F1/2 Eva , Ellie
2 16 7K1 Rahman , Joshua , Katie
3 15 7T2 Imisi, Frankie, Natasha
4 13 7S1 Kai , Jakub
5 5 7S2 Tejal , Luke
6 1 7T1 Matthew , Andrew