Year 10 GCSE Drama Theatre trip

On 15th May, Year 10 GCSE Drama students visited The Spotlight Theatre in Hoddesdon to see the acclaimed 60th anniversary production of Joan Littlewoods anti war play Oh! What A Lovely War by the renowned Blackeyed Theatre company

A cornerstone of modern musical theatre and one of the very greatest stage satires, Oh What A Lovely War is an extraordinary theatrical journey bringing to life the folly, farce and tragedy of the First World War.

Wildly satirical, visually stunning and deeply moving, it’s the musical that revolutionised modern theatre; an exhilarating, no-holds-barred assault on the military incompetence and inconceivable disregard for human life the First World War has come to represent.

Brimming with timeless songs, razor-sharp satire and high jinks, Oh What A Lovely War is a hilarious, heart-breaking snapshot of life for those caught in the crossfire of conflict, a unanimous voice from the trenches and a timely warning from the theatre of war itself. Now, more than ever, it holds a mirror up to the world and speaks to us all.

Students were suitably impressed with the strong ensemble performances from a company of six who interchanged characters with ease and all played multiple instruments as well as acting and told the story beautifully.