Junior Maths Challenge

On the Thursday 25th April, 40 Year 7 and 8 mathematicians took part in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. This national challenge consists of 25 maths problems, which test students’ logical thinking, ability to problem solve, and extension of understanding to the mathematical ideas they cover in their maths lessons.

Congratulations to our bronze participants : Amy, George, Tyler, Itohan and Anelia in Year 7 and Jakub, Ruby, Max, Shasho and Tejal in Year 8

Our Silver participants were Caleb, Alessia, Eliseo, Joseph, and Eren, and Anton in Year 7. Anton secured the best score in his year group and was 1 mark away from a Gold. In Year 8 well done to Eva, Luca, Benjamin and Nadia.

The school is very proud to have 2 gold participants this year, and well done to Joshua scoring 102 out of 135 and Natan for scoring 106 out of 135. These students are also through to the follow on round were only 8000 students qualify each year throughout the UK.

Obtaining an award is a huge achievement and the school community and I are incredibly proud of their effort.

In the pictures, you will find 4 of my personal favourite questions that appeared in the test. If you would like to have a go yourself, please email Maths.Department@st-maryshigh.herts.sch.uk with the subject line “JMC24”  without the quotes with your answers and you will receive an automated response with the correct answers.

If your child is in Year 7, then please encourage them to prepare for next year’s challenge by practicing past paper questions and checking answers.

If your child is in Year 8, then the competition next year is the Intermediate maths challenge. A silver or gold award will automatically qualify your child to take part next year. A bronze award student can still be entered but preparation now will help ensure your child is ready to take part. Past paper questions for the intermediate maths challenge can be found here: Competition Papers – UKMT.