Staff Badminton

During the final week of the Autumn term, Mr Price and Mr Lakole participated in a charity badminton match.

The stakes were high with the victor crowned “best staff badminton player 2023/2024”. The event took place over two lunchtimes with the year 7s, 9s, and 11 able to watch the first match on Monday, and the 8s, 10s, and sixth form able to watch the second.

It was a shaky start for Mr Price, losing to Mr Lakole in 9 minutes with a score line of 21-9. Not content with such a score, Mr Price rallied back on day 2. In a surprising turnaround, Mr Price secured the second match with a very comfortable 21-6 and taking the title by score difference.

The event raised £93.50, and was combined with the total raised for “Christmas jumper day”.