Year 12 Business trip to the Warner Bros. Studios

On Monday 27th November the Year 12 Business Students had a magical time at the Warner Bros Studios: The Making of Harry Potter. This trip allowed them to put some of their classroom theory into context, with one of the world’s biggest studios, and film franchises.

The students took part in a workshop where they were able to learn about the success and profitability of the franchise, how social media was used in their marketing campaign and the importance of adapting to their target audience. They even got to write and present their own storyline ideas and how they would optimise the use social media to promote their ideas. There were some interesting and unique ideas from our students, so we may have some future movie producers here at St Mary’s!

After the workshop, we took a tour of the studios where we were all so impressed with the secrets behind the movie; from the Gryffindor common room, to Dumbledore’s enchanting office and flying cars!

This was a great way for our students to see how their studies can link to their future chosen careers.