After ten weeks of rehearsal, the cast of Matilda Jr took to the stage on the 6th and 7th July.

Our first school production post-covid, the cast performed to a sell-out audience on both nights and did a truly fabulous job! Eve, Koneil, and Shanay gave standout performances as Matilda, Agatha Trunchball and Miss Honey with some real showstopping musical moments. The Wormwoods (Isaac and Amirah) brought lots of laughs with their stellar comic timing and the entire cast brought so much joy with their musical numbers! There was a real sense of enjoyment on the faces of those onstage and in the audience and we look forward to the next show!

The Head Teacher, Mr Simms, along with many other staff, parents/carers, governors and friends, thoroughly enjoyed the show. He said “The students gave brilliant performances in the lead roles and in the chorus, and they managed to switch between the tragedy and comedy of the story with an ease that made for a marvellous evening’s entertainment. I am so proud to be their Head Teacher. Of course, the students are the stars of the show (and this includes Sam in Y8 who was supporting back-stage) but this would not have been possible without the hard work of Mrs Bonfante, Mrs Crawford, Ms King, Mr Crosby and especially Mrs Mathews who directed the whole performance. A big THANK YOU to all concerned for a wonderful show”.

Click this link for more photos: Matilda 2023

On Friday we held our annual Summer Concert, although we were rained inside we had an amazing night.

We enjoyed performances by the ‘Phoenix Singers’ with Soloists from all year groups, accompanied by a band of professional musicians. The second half was kick-started by a piece called ‘Put Your Hanz Up’, a nod to Hanz Zimmer the film composer the year 10 music course are currently studying; this required audience participation with “willing” volunteers bought down to the front. We also had piano solos expertly played by Jason and Javi. The evening was wrapped up with everyone being invited down to dance with us as we performed ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’.

We are excited to share that we will be relaunching The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award programme next academic year, which will be available for students in both Year 9 and 10 next year.

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Is a fantastic opportunity for your child to gain and develop skills working through outside practical fun team-built activities, along with gaining the confidence that they use throughout their educational journey, preparing them further education and work.

The programme consists of four units: physical, skill, volunteering and an expedition. Students will be expected to attend a 1-hour session on Friday after school to work on their DofE online Portals.

If you are a Year8 or Year 9 parent/carer, look out for this letter next week and we will be writing to you again in September with further details, including how to pay for enrollment and trips. If you require further information about this programme, please do not hesitate to email me on

Please click this link for more information on the Duke of Edinburgh award: Do DofE – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


Well done to all the girls who participated in the annual Nicky Morris athletics competition at Wodson park.

There were some fantastic achievements throughout the day, particularly the following, who all placed in their events:


Isabella  –  1st 100m

Teera  – 1st Triple jump & 200m

Eva  –  1st 800m

Saniyah  –  2nd Discus


Alexandra  –  3rd Long jump & Hurdles

Holly  –  2nd Shot

Back in April, all year 8 students participated in the NHS competition “Step into the NHS” submitting projects in the form of a job advert for careers in the NHS.

Matilda W. received a highly commended certificate for her entry St Mary’s participated in the STEM clubs week 2023 “Desmistifying AI”: students watched webinars, in Science lessons taught by experts in the area and the school participated in a live debate sending a set of questions to the panel. One of these questions were put to the panel: How close is technological singularity and what will this mean for us as a society? You can watch the discussion here: STEM Clubs Week 2023 | AI, the world and you: the live debate and find our question from minute 57. STEM club finished for another year.

Students received participation certificates. Gold for those that attended 85% or more sessions and Silver for those that attended to at least 50 % sessions. In total, 25 students participated in STEM sessions. Each session had on average 13 students. We have done lots of engaging experiments linked with the outside world:

  • IT – “Finance and Excel”, “Creating Google drive”, “Creating your own business”;
  • Textiles – “Designing a t-shirt”;
  • Physics and Engineering – “standard egg drop”, “building with spaghetti”, “sundial”, “paper plane making”;
  • Space – “mission to Mars”, “Life on Mars”, “rocket launch”;
  • Chemistry – “Iodine clock”, “pH rainbow2;
  • Biology – “looking for tardigrades” , “DNA extraction”.

Over the last year a group of year students have taken part in a Geography Book club.