St Mary’s ‘Club 9’ Geography events

‘Club 9’ is for those students aiming to get a grade 9 in Geography and is for students in any year group, not just the GCSE years.

Over the last few weeks the Club 9 geographers have enjoyed taking part in a range of activities designed to challenge and extend their thinking. The students fully engaged in their activities and showed creativity and enthusiasm.

Year 7 investigated the challenges that our planet faces and considered how we might be able to respond to some of these challenges.

Year 8 looked at the circular economy and researched how sustainable big businesses are in elements of their production chain.

Year 9 investigated the Global Sustainable Development Goals and then considered how we measure, compare and judge the development across a range of nations.

Year 10 took part in a simulation activity where they took on the role of different nations and experienced the challenges of the global economy.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities and are looking forward to using their new knowledge back in Geography lessons.