KS3 Drama Workshops

Year 9 Drama work Autumn Term 1

Year 9 have been working hard on exploring the play Noughts & Crosses, adapted from Malorie Blackman’s novel by playwright Dominic Cooke.  They have been specifically learning about the structure of the play, the important and relevant themes of segregation and apartheid, the characters and the staging of the play.  They have had to take on a variety of roles and consider how they would use their vocal and physical skills to portray their characters on stage and how they want the audience to think and feel at key moments from the play and problem solve how they can best achieve this.

Year 8 Drama work Autumn Term 1

The year 8’s have been working productively on the Physical Theatre projects and this half term has seen them specifically use the technique of Body as a Prop.  They have had to collaborate on creating a variey of objects including gates, statues, doors, woods, leading up to an old house, which is developing into telling a story about the house using physical theatre.  The standard of work has been excellen so far, with lovely imaginative ideas and students being willing and able to engage in new learning.  This is a new style of drama for the year 8’s and is building on their knowledge and understanding of different genres of theatre.

Year 7 Drama work Autumn Term 1

The year 7’s have been working hard on the foundations that underpin good drama work:  collaboration, co-operation, creating, communicating, problem solving, compromising and leadership within a group.  Specifically, they have been learning about the drama technique of tableau and thoughts aloud and are now looking at plot and sequence to tell a story.

We have been very impressed with the year 7’s so far – they have just the right amount of enthusiasm without there being too much and they are keen to learn more.  It never ceases to amaze us that when the year 7’s first come to us, many wouldn’t have had any experience of participating in drama, and yet they just get on with each other as if they always have.  We are looking forward to getting a lot of them involved in the school production in the summer term and seeing what more they can do.