Business and Finance Bank of England Visit

On Friday 1st December 2023 the Year 12 Finance and Year 13 Business students visited the Bank of England.

The trip allowed them to gain a greater understanding of the role of the Bank of England and what they do to help support and manage the UK economy.

They had a talk which outlined the history of the Bank of England, followed by a tour around the Bank of England Museum. The students were astonished how money and banking had changed over time and enjoyed being able to take their learning from the classroom into the real world.

Students showed great enthusiasm asking some insightful questions, showcasing their knowledge and understanding of what we are currently studying. The students also engaged in a range of activities, including trying to manage the rate of inflation for the UK economy and competing to pick up a real gold bar weighing 13kg.

The students took particular interest in the ‘Slavery and the Bank’ exhibition, where they were able to look into the role the bank had in the slave trade. They were touched to see the names of the slaves taken displayed and honoured as well writing their own touching messages to contribute to the cause. The students had a wonderful day being in the city and bringing their learning to life.