The stage was set, the lights were dimmed, and the air was filled with anticipation as St Mary’s hosted its highly anticipated ‘Annual Music Festival’ on Tuesday, 26th March. This exciting evening showcased the incredible talents of our students who competed in various categories, delivering impressive performances that left impressed the audience.

Under the discerning eyes and ears of our distinguished judges, which included the accomplished ex-student Ose Hayble and the talented professional guitarist Jordan Ward, our aspiring musicians took to the stage to showcase their skills and passion for music. Each performer poured their heart and soul into their performances, delivering moments of sheer brilliance that captivated the audience.

Throughout the evening, the judges provided invaluable feedback to each performer, offering guidance and encouragement to help them reach new heights in their musical journey. Their expertise and insight will inspire our students to push the boundaries of their creativity and musical expression.

Among the standout performances of the evening was Alyssia’s mesmerizing rendition, in the solo vocal performance category of ‘Everything is Everything’. Combining her exceptional singing prowess with a captivating rap. The audience were cheering her on as she delivered a knock-out performance.

Winners for each category were:

Intermediate Piano – Daniel

Advanced Piano – Javi

Junior Vocals – Lily

Worship Song – Navmi & Tiannah

Vocal Duet – Eve & Shanay

World Music – Isaac