British Science week 2024

We celebrated British Science week 2024 with a wide range of activities, such as STEM lectures, lunch time experiments, whole school Science quizzes and a model competition.

On Monday Mr Bradley used rocket fuel and dry ice and made some rockets explode… there were some loud bangs across Science…

Also on Monday, Mrs Ogunwemno showed our students how does a pluck work and dissected lamb kidneys.

Tuesday, Mr McDougall entered the fields of genetics and isolated DNA from peas.

On Wednesday, our Year 12 Biologists and Mr Araujo guided our younger students through a moss safari.

Thursday was also very exciting with Year 13 Biologists and Mr Araujo testing different types of food to find their nutrients and making flame tests.

The model competition was won by Dilan in Year 7 with a model of the International Space Station. To complete the podium were Travis and Sergio, also in Year 7 with different models of the Solar System.

It was a busy  but inspiring week!