Year 10 Work Experience Week: Building Skills and Confidence for Future Success

We are thrilled to share the outstanding achievements of our Year 10 students during their recent work experience week. This invaluable opportunity provided them with hands-on exposure to the professional world, fostering essential skills and boosting their confidence for future pathways.

Throughout the week, students honed various skills vital for success in any career path. One notable area of development was communication. By interacting with professionals in diverse settings, students learned to articulate their ideas effectively, listen actively, and collaborate with colleagues. These communication skills are fundamental not only in the workplace but also in everyday life.

Additionally, the experience emphasised the importance of timekeeping and organisation. Students navigated demanding schedules, met deadlines, and managed tasks efficiently. By mastering these essential skills, they gained a deeper understanding of the importance of discipline and prioritisation, qualities that are highly valued in any profession.

Moreover, the feedback from employers has been overwhelmingly positive, reaffirming the students’ remarkable contributions and adaptability in the workplace. Employers praised their aptitude, quick understanding of tasks, and exceptional work ethic. Quotes such as, “one of the best work experience students we’ve ever had,” and “they’re better than many of the agency staff we’ve been getting,” underscore the students’ outstanding performance and professionalism.

It is evident that work experience plays a vital role in shaping students’ career aspirations and preparing them for the realities of the professional world. By providing them with real-world exposure, we empower our students to make informed decisions about their future paths.

At St Mary’s, we are committed to offering a comprehensive careers education program that equips students with the skills and understanding necessary to thrive in their chosen fields. Work experience is an integral part of this program, enabling students to explore various career options, build networks, and develop essential employability skills.

As one of our students stated, “it couldn’t be any better; it was the best week.” We are immensely proud of our students’ achievements and remain dedicated to supporting them on their journey toward success.