Year 10’s Wexability Day: Preparing Our Students for the World of Work

Our Year 10 students had a fantastic opportunity to get a head start on their journey into the working world with their Wexability Day. It was a day packed with practical advice and hands-on activities to equip them for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

First off, we had Kate Carter, Head of Apprenticeship Training at iSales, sharing her insights into the world of apprenticeships. Kate’s presentation wasn’t just informative; it was eye-opening. She gave us a glimpse into the array of apprenticeship options available and offered valuable tips on how our students can stand out from the crowd with their CVs and impress potential employers with their skills and attitude.

Following Kate’s inspiring talk, our students dived into a series of workshops aimed at polishing their job-seeking skills. From crafting compelling CVs to mastering the art of interviews, they were given the tools they need to confidently navigate the job market.

But it wasn’t all about landing the job—our students also learned about the importance of health and safety in the workplace and their rights as young employees. This vital information not only empowers them to navigate their upcoming work experience placements with confidence but also fosters a culture of responsibility and conscientiousness.

At St Mary’s, we believe in preparing our students not just academically but also for life beyond the classroom. The Wexability Day was a prime example of how we’re committed to equipping our students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to thrive in the real world.

As these Year 10 students embark on their forthcoming work experience journeys, they do so armed with not just theoretical knowledge but practical skills and a profound understanding of the professional landscape.