Another eagerly anticipated visit from St. Mary’s beloved therapy dog, Godfrey, was orchestrated to coincide with ‘Feeling Good Week’, spanning from February 5th to 9th. Godfrey, a sprightly 6-year-old Border Collie, along with his devoted owner Pam, generously dedicate their time to volunteering with Therapy Dogs Nationwide. This esteemed national charity facilitates visits by trained volunteers and their temperament-tested canine companions to various establishments, offering solace, diversion, and stimulation. Extensive research has underscored the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapies, ranging from bolstered overall health and wellbeing to heightened confidence and enhanced communication skills. Notably, Therapy Dogs Nationwide is increasingly recognised for its role in organising stress-relief sessions and fostering general wellbeing within educational and corporate settings. Godfrey’s palpable enthusiasm for his role shines through in his interactions with both staff and students during group sessions. The profound sense of calm and relaxation experienced by all participants following their time with Godfrey is a testament to the invaluable contribution he makes to their wellbeing.