Year 12 English Students

On Friday 12th May, a group of Yr12 English Language and English Literature students went to the British Library near King’s Cross Station in London.

We were treated to a talk about how the library came into being and we saw some of the treasures on display. A Gutenberg Bible, a golden Qur’an, a first folio of Shakespeare’s complete works, the Magna Carta and original drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci were among the treasures we were able to view.

Students then embarked on the main focus of the day: ‘Develop Your Writing’, a practical workshop led by a fellow of the Royal Literary Fund. This allowed students to hear first-hand from an author, on how to craft essays and make the move from GCSE to A Level and beyond. Activities and a workbook were provided to help learners embed ‘crafting and reworking techniques’ into their academic writing.

An enjoyable and useful day.