Canoe Slalom World Championship

45 students from year 8, 9 and 10 attended the Canoe Slalom World Championship on Friday 22nd September.

The event was being held at the Lea Valley White Water centre, built for the 2012 Olympic Games. Students were nominated for the trip by their PE teachers following their hard work and commitment to the subject last year.

The students spent the day watching athletes from all over the world compete in their respective events on the white water course. They took part in a water safety session with the local police and fire department and watched a live practice rescue. Ashlea Macaughlin enjoyed enthusiastically informing the fire department that somebody had fallen in to the water whilst the practice rescue was being conducted, much to everyone’s amusement.

The day concluded with students picking up paddles and kayaks and taking to the water. They all really enjoyed this section of the day and even managed to persuade the teachers to join them!

A great experience for students and lots of good memories made.