Two St Mary’s students recently took part in the British Karate Championship in Durham.  Both Khemi (Year 10) and Eliseo (Year 7) did well in their rounds and we are very proud of them.  Eliseo did particularly well, gaining three bronze medals after reaching the fourth round and semi-final of the boys 10-11 year category.

Well done to both the siblings who have clearly put in an enormous amount of practice and hard work in their chosen sport.


On 23rd April our annual Founders Day service was attended by the whole of Year 7 at St Mary the Virgin Church.

In 1640 Robert Dewhurst founded his free school for boys at Churchgate, Cheshunt. He handed over its management to trustees in 1642, three years before his death in 1645. The deed specified the school to “remain for ever for the benefit of poor children of the parish for the teaching of them there to read English, so that they may know God the better, and also to write and cast accounts so that they may be better able to be apprenticed to some honest trade or mystery.” St Mary’s CE High School is part of the Dewhurst Trust, and each year we attend a service of ‘thanks’ to our historical benefactor.

The service was led by Father Eugene with music performed by both Dewhurst St Mary and Holy Trinity CE Primary Schools and by our own choir the ‘Phoenix Singers’, led by Mr Crosby and Miss King.

Year 7 students were invited to spend time with their Year Lead to celebrate the positive impact they have had on the school community.

Students across all year groups are being recognised for their hard work and excellent attitude to learning by being invited to an afternoon celebration with their year lead and peers.

Students have enjoyed the Bi-weekly celebrations, which includes refreshments as well as socialising and playing games with other winners from their year group.

Well done to all of our winners so far, there are plenty more opportunities for students to be recognised so keep up the good work everyone!

Ms Andrews


This Is Me: I Am… was a poetry competition run by ‘Young Writers’, which encouraged students to express themselves through verse. With no limits on length or poetic style, the competition gave students the opportunity to take control of what and how they wanted to write, and how best to describe themselves. Who they are and what they want to be.

The competition was open to all 11-18 years olds in the United Kingdom and winners faced a tough selection process.

Y7 student Oliver, wrote a wonderfully positive poem about himself and his life and was selected for publishing in the book, along the many other winners from across the country

Congratulations to Oliver, we are all immensely proud, this is a great achievement to have work published at such a young age.

There is a copy of the book in the LRC if any students would like to read Oliver’s poem.

Ms Andrews

We are delighted to announce that the books have arrived for our last Young Writers writing competition, and Oliver from Year 7 has had his story published.  The writing competitions are quite challenging. The theme of the story is set by the competition organisers and entrants are limited to only 100 words to make their story work.  Not many students of his age are published authors!

A small team of Year 7’s took on a series of mathematical challenges against 36 other schools in Hertfordshire. The team got a respectable score of 156 points placing them in 19th place. There were some exceptionally demanding tasks and activities in the challenge, so all students can take considerable pride in the way they approached the afternoon.

This term our Year 7 artists have been exploring the formal elements in Art, mastering their drawing and painting skills. By observing the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, and Henri Matisse to inspire their pencil, ink and paint techniques further. This is Michaela’s art project so far.

Ms Papadopoullos

Well done to the girls Y7 football team who finished 3rd in the District 6-A-Side football tournament this week.

The team were a credit to St Mary’s with some excellent performances from what was mainly a group of players who have never played a competitive match before. Outstanding effort and commitment by the students – only one goal was conceded during the whole tournament!!

Well done to the whole team: Michaela, Vienna, Kayla, Filomena, Itohan and Zeynep.