Humanities Festival of Learning

We are thrilled to share with you the resounding success of our recent Humanities Festival of Learning, where we celebrated our local area through various humanities disciplines including History, Geography, Religious Studies, and Personal Development. The event was an opportunity for students from Bonneygrove Primary School to delve into the richness of our community’s heritage and values. Their enthusiasm and curiosity brought a wonderful energy to the event, and it was heart-warming to see them actively engaged in exploring different aspects of humanities.

From interactive history sessions to thought-provoking discussions regarding myths and legends in Religious Studies, grid referencing in Geography and persuasive writing in Personal Development, each experience was designed to make links with the primary curriculum, inspire creativity,  critical thinking, and a deeper appreciation for our surroundings. Thank you to all of those who contributed to the event. We are looking forward to the next Festival of Learning which will have a Mathematics focus during International Maths Week in early March.