Feeling Good Week at St Mary’s

“Feeling Good Week”, a Hertfordshire-wide initiative, is dedicated to promoting the emotional well-being of young people by raising awareness of mental health and showcasing available support within the community. In celebration of this important event, St. Mary’s organised a series of engaging activities during students’ lunchtimes.

Entitled ‘In Harmony with Nature,’ these activities were designed to nurture an understanding and appreciation of biodiversity, instil kindness towards wildlife, and foster responsible interaction with the natural world. The ultimate goal is to cultivate a more harmonious and sustainable relationship with our environment.

Led by the dedicated Wellbeing Team and supported by trained student Wellbeing Ambassadors, a variety of activities were offered. As well as the usual popular board games, colouring and origami there were opportunities to make nest boxes, construct bug hotels, decorate and embellish feeders and water containers. Alongside this, spring bulbs were planted in containers and then distributed to form rooms for ongoing care and nurturing, symbolising a collective commitment to both individual and environmental well-being.