Passport to Science – Festival of Learning

In an exciting foray into the realm of secondary school science, the bright minds of Bonneygrove Primary School recently engaged in a series of captivating lessons at St Mary’s that delved into the realms of chromatography, electro-magnets, and acids and alkalis.

This initiative aimed to provide a glimpse into the fascinating world of scientific exploration for these enthusiastic young learners.

The students’ enthusiasm and engagement showcased their innate ability to navigate the complexities of scientific concepts, laying the foundation for their academic journey in the realm of secondary education.

Thank you to the dedicated science staff at St Mary’s, whose passion and commitment made this educational experience truly inspirational for the budding scientists from Bonneygrove. Their guidance and expertise paved the way for a memorable and enriching encounter with the wonders of secondary school science.

As we reflect on this engaging collaboration, we eagerly anticipate the prospect of welcoming some of these talented young minds into the St Mary’s family in the years to come. The seeds of curiosity and intellectual curiosity sown during this interaction promise a bright future for these students as they continue to explore and excel in the realms of science and education.