St Mary’s Christmas Carol Service

As the holiday season unfolded, our school had the privilege of coming together for a truly enchanting Christmas Carol Service at St. Mary the Virgin Church.

On an unusually warm evening, the historic church provided the perfect backdrop for a night filled with festive cheer, community spirit, and music.

The ambiance of St. Mary the Virgin Church, with its stunning architecture and warm lighting, created a magical setting for our Christmas celebration. Families and friends gathered, forming a close-knit community within the church walls.

The heart and soul of the evening were the traditional carols that echoed through the hallowed halls. Led by our very own ‘Phoenix Singers’ choir, the community came together in song, harmonising beautifully to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The shared experience of singing these timeless carols strengthened the bonds within our local community and created lasting memories for all who attended.

Adding a touch of tradition, Bible readings were eloquently delivered by Mrs. Bundock, Mrs. Andrews, and Mr. Simms. Their readings brought forth the essence of the Christmas story, adding a reflective dimension to the service.

These moments of scripture deepened the meaning of the celebration, reminding us all of the true spirit of Christmas. One of the highlights of the evening was the debut performance of Mrs. Andrews on the timpani.

Guiding us through the service was the charismatic Father Eugene, who led with warmth and grace. As we reflect on this special evening, it is evident that the Christmas Carol Service at St. Mary the Virgin Church was more than just a musical performance; it was a celebration of community, tradition, and the true meaning of Christmas.