St. Mary’s Students Engage in Inspiring BBC Bitesize Careers Roadshow

At St. Mary’s School, we recognise the pivotal role that quality careers education plays in shaping the future of our students.

As part of our commitment to providing enriching experiences, students from Year 7 to Year 10 and the Sixth Form recently had the exciting opportunity to participate in the BBC Bitesize Careers Roadshow. This one-hour session, led by the experienced BBC presenter Kathryn Wilson, brought together students and professionals in a dynamic and engaging setting.

The event featured a panel-style discussion with three professionals from our local community, each offering unique insights into their career journeys. The professionals, a graduate engineer, a BBC social media journalist, and a simulator technician from Guys and St Thomas’ in London, shared their experiences, qualifications, personal anecdotes, and invaluable advice on work experience. Kathryn Wilson skilfully guided the conversation, creating an interactive platform where students could ask questions and gain real-world perspectives.

The diversity of professions showcased during the Bitesize Careers Schools Tour highlighted the vast array of opportunities available to our students. The graduate engineer spoke eloquently about the exciting world of engineering, the BBC social media journalist shed light on the dynamic field of journalism, and the simulator technician offered a glimpse into the healthcare sector.

St. Mary’s is immensely proud to play a part in the Bitesize Schools Tour, which aims to raise awareness of career aspirations among secondary pupils across the UK. By bringing professionals directly into the school environment, we provide our students with practical insights and advice, helping them make informed decisions about their future paths.

The event emphasised the importance of relevant qualifications, shared personal anecdotes to make career paths relatable, and provided valuable advice on work experience and essential soft skills for the workplace. These interactions with professionals working in our local area serve as a powerful catalyst for inspiring our students and broadening their horizons.

Our commitment to careers education goes beyond the classroom, and events like the BBC Bitesize Careers Roadshow underscore the significance we place on preparing our students for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We believe that exposure to diverse career paths and direct interactions with professionals significantly contribute to the holistic development of our students, empowering them to make informed choices and pursue their aspirations.

As we continue to prioritise career-focused initiatives, we are confident that such experiences will leave a lasting impact on our students, instilling in them the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world. St. Mary’s remains dedicated to providing a robust foundation for our students, ensuring that they are well-equipped to pursue their dreams and make meaningful contributions to society.