Last night we welcomed hundreds of visitors to the school for our Secondary Transition Evening. Visitors were treated to some amazing performances by the talented students we have here, and a had chance to get a sense of what learning is like at St Mary’s across all subject areas.

Tours were lead by our students, and we had subject ambassadors in each area to talk to the Y6 students and their parents/carers about our work. Staff were also on hand to answer questions.

Our vision is that we are the rich soil in which seed flourish and roots grow and you got a real sense of how we help children in Y7 flourish into young adults in Y13. As one parent recently said:

“I highly recommend St. Mary’s both as a secondary school and a sixth form. 1 has graduated from 6th form and has a fantastic place at University. The other is currently on his GCSE journey and excelling. I personally cannot find fault with the staff or the level of education that is taught. It is of a high standard. The children are judged on their individual merit and their abilities, league tables( though they matter ) take 2nd place to each individuals aspirations. My children of completely different characters and academic strengths had 2 very different experiences.”

Whilst another said:

“We are looking forward to viewing the school on Thursday for our youngest son. Our eldest is in year 11 and he loves the school. We have been impressed with St Mary’s thus far and would recommend the school. We are hoping St Mary’s impresses our youngest on Thursday, as it is his choice to choose which secondary school he goes to, just like it was for his brother.”

If you are interested in a place in St Mary’s but did not come to our Secondary Transition Evening, please call 01992 629124 and book a place on one of our School in Action tours. These start at 9am and run for about an our on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 3 October
  • Thursday 5 October
  • Tuesday 10 October
  • Wednesday 11 October
  • Tuesday 17 October
  • Thursday 19 October

The tours have been busy so please book ahead of time to ensure you get a place.

In 2022/23 our Aspire Business and Enterprise Academy managed our Young Enterprise team where they achieved outstanding results; they were recognised for their fantastic teamwork and making over 800% increase to their individual initial investment for themselves they also raised £80 for Broxbourne Foodbank.

The Young Enterprise programme is a competition that students can create their own business with their own product and/or service ideas which they then run themselves towards making a profit and inline with our Christian Ethos they ensure that there is money raised each year for a local charity. The team is supported by our internal lead and an external business advisor Dave Smith. The competition is against other schools in Hertfordshire where ultimately at the final students have to present to a large audience their business result and journey.

The business was called ‘Majestic gifts’ and their slogan was “Gifts for any occasion or just because…”. Throughout the competition the team came up with different ideas for products including Christmas baubles which they personalised for customers, St Valentine’s and Mother’s day cards and gifts, Easter woollen chicks and wrist bands and magnetic bookmarks.

The students ran an exciting campaign on their social media with photos of the sales they managed.

As well as selling at school and online the team attended the Dickensian Evening in Ware in December 2022 and the Atrai shopping centre in Watford on a busy Saturday where they were outstanding in setting up their stall and selling direct to the public.

The pride in seeing these amazing young people growing their skills is fantastic and their feedback confirms what they have gained from participating in the experience: Tallie: “I have learnt new skills including online skills, social skills and time management skills. I think these skills are important because they taught me to be more independent in my own work and more confident when talking to people face to face”, Rosie: “I have learned how to work better in a team and communicate my ideas whilst also cooperating, including and building upon other members of the teams’ ideas”, Olivia: “I also developed greater confidence from presenting the presentation at the Young Enterprise regional final.”, Jayde: “I have also been able to meet a variety of different customers, pushing myself out of my comfort zone”

Last year’s team have provided advice for this year’s students as we have two teams representing our school and they have already identified business gaps for products which we are sure they will be successful throughout the programme. We will keep you updated with their progress.

In the meantime, we would like to congratulate last year’s team – very well done we are extremely proud of you all; Jayde, Olivia, Kristina, Kayleigh, Shenese, Eli, Tallie, Taylan, Lucy, Rosie, Akwasi, Daniel, Donell, Christian, Ali and Jesse.

Young students from Dewhurst St Mary C of E Primary School visited as part of our Festival of Learning Programme.

They continued their study of Van Gogh with a monoprint technique inspired by the wonderful painting ‘The Starry Night’. Across in the drama department they rehearsed a choral speaking piece leading to a fantastic performance. Students learned about antiphonal and unison speaking and some even performed from memory. What a great opportunity to make bridges and connections with the Key Stage 2 curriculum and so we look forward to further collaborations in the near future.

On a beautiful, and unusually warm September morning, a selected group of Year 8 St Mary’s students walked to Cedar’s Park. St Mary’s is so fortunate to have this historic and award-winning Park in such close proximity.

The students took part in a Wild Wellbeing trip organised by Mrs Buxton, the Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead at St. Mary’s. Wild Wellbeing focuses on improving the emotional wellbeing of young people by taking part in a range of mindfulness activities, such as breathing exercises, tasting, natural art and soundscapes.

Educating young people of these strategies enables them to improve their mental health by connecting to nature.

By the end of the session everyone felt calmer and more relaxed and had learnt some strategies to take away with them.


Year 10 GCSE artists have made a fantastic start to their new course, revisiting the formal elements in art.

Here are some beautiful examples from their portfolios.

45 students from year 8, 9 and 10 attended the Canoe Slalom World Championship on Friday 22nd September.

The event was being held at the Lea Valley White Water centre, built for the 2012 Olympic Games. Students were nominated for the trip by their PE teachers following their hard work and commitment to the subject last year.

The students spent the day watching athletes from all over the world compete in their respective events on the white water course. They took part in a water safety session with the local police and fire department and watched a live practice rescue. Ashlea Macaughlin enjoyed enthusiastically informing the fire department that somebody had fallen in to the water whilst the practice rescue was being conducted, much to everyone’s amusement.

The day concluded with students picking up paddles and kayaks and taking to the water. They all really enjoyed this section of the day and even managed to persuade the teachers to join them!

A great experience for students and lots of good memories made.

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that our Year 12 and Year 13 students have embarked on an engaging and thought-provoking journey as they delve into the world of Media Studies A Level.