Quick Report on the Successful Start to Our Festivals of Learning Programme

We are thrilled to share with you the wonderful start to our ‘Festival of Learning’. On 18th Sept, 53 enthusiastic students from Capel Manor Primary School joined us for the launch of this,  annual programme of events at St Mary’s for our local, primary school partners.

We began with an inspiring morning of sporting and outdoor activities. This event marked the beginning of an exciting journey aimed at instilling vital leadership and independence skills in our young learners and further establishing links in the curriculum from KS2 to KS3.

Throughout the day, our students engaged in a series of sporting activities and outdoor adventure (OAA) challenges. These activities were carefully designed to emphasize the importance of leadership, teamwork, and personal growth. We are delighted to report that the event was a resounding success.

Despite some initial concerns about the weather, we were fortunate that it held out just long enough for us to enjoy a full day of outdoor activities. Capel Manor Primary School students displayed exemplary behaviour, and their dedication to developing their leadership skills was truly impressive.

We are particularly proud of Capel Manor’s students who demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and teamwork throughout the event. Their  collaboration and support for one another exemplified the spirit of learning and growth that we aim to foster in our students.

As we continue with our Festival of Learning programme, we look forward to many more exciting opportunities for our young people to expand their horizons and experience a taste of secondary school learning across different subject areas.

Congratulations to all the students and a big thank you to the teachers and staff who made this event possible. We are looking forward to more successful learning experiences and collaborations in the very near future.