On 23rd April our annual Founders Day service was attended by the whole of Year 7 at St Mary the Virgin Church.

In 1640 Robert Dewhurst founded his free school for boys at Churchgate, Cheshunt. He handed over its management to trustees in 1642, three years before his death in 1645. The deed specified the school to “remain for ever for the benefit of poor children of the parish for the teaching of them there to read English, so that they may know God the better, and also to write and cast accounts so that they may be better able to be apprenticed to some honest trade or mystery.” St Mary’s CE High School is part of the Dewhurst Trust, and each year we attend a service of ‘thanks’ to our historical benefactor.

The service was led by Father Eugene with music performed by both Dewhurst St Mary and Holy Trinity CE Primary Schools and by our own choir the ‘Phoenix Singers’, led by Mr Crosby and Miss King.

The stage was set, the lights were dimmed, and the air was filled with anticipation as St Mary’s hosted its highly anticipated ‘Annual Music Festival’ on Tuesday, 26th March. This exciting evening showcased the incredible talents of our students who competed in various categories, delivering impressive performances that left impressed the audience. Under the discerning […]

We’re thrilled to share an exciting excursion our Year 12 Media students embarked on recently. As part of their ongoing exploration into the fascinating world of media, they had the opportunity to visit the renowned Tate Modern museum in London to engage with the captivating Media Networks exhibition.

Throughout their visit, our students were encouraged to analyse and critique the ways in which media shapes our understanding of the world, influences our interactions, and constructs narratives that define our collective consciousness.

Moreover, the excursion served as a valuable opportunity for our students to gain inspiration and insight from the works of renowned artists and media practitioners. By experiencing first-hand the innovative approaches and experimental techniques showcased in the exhibition, they were empowered to unleash their creativity and explore new avenues of expression within the realm of media arts.

As a school committed to fostering academic excellence and nurturing the talents of our students, we believe that experiences like these play a crucial role in their holistic development. By engaging with real-world contexts and contemporary issues, our Year 12 Media students are not only enriching their academic studies but also cultivating the skills and perspectives necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Ms. Theofanous

Head of Media Studies

We wanted to share what we are currently learning in geography lessons.

Year 11 students enjoyed an evening trip to Aylesbury Waterside Theatre where they were were treated to a revision performance of their GCSE English Literature set text Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Actors brought the characters and plot to life whilst emphasising key quotations and contextual links which will be essential for the GCSE exam in May.